Add Wesley Minecraft

Server Tutorial

Step 1:

For starters, make sure you are playing the JAVA edition of Minecraft as shown.  If your edition only says Minecraft with no JAVA subtitle, you will not be able to play our server as it is JAVA specific. Once you are sure your Minecraft edition is JAVA, launch Minecraft and hit the multiplayer button!

Step 2:

You will be brought to the “Play Multiplayer” screen.  You might receive an agreement statement regarding playing online.  Minecraft server’s are not commercially unsafe for your computer, and ours is certainly safe for you socially, so you do not need to worry about agreeing to this.  Once you are in this screen, you are going to need to hit the “Add Server” button as is highlighted.

Step 3:

After you click “Add Server” you will be brought to the “Edit Server Info” screen. On this screen, in the “Server Name” bar, type a name you will be able to recognize as the Wesley server, and in the “Server Address” bar type the link “” as shown.  Then hit done!

Step 4:

That’s it!  Just click on the bar that is titled what you named your server (it will have a subtitle of “The Grand Wesleyan Adventure”) and you will enter our Minecraft Server!


 If you are not on the University of Tulsa’s Wifi, you will need to download the TU VPN.   For more information about how to connect to the TU VPN visit and follow thier setup steps.